Kevlar Helmets Saving Marines from Sniper Shots to the Head

By: | November 5th, 2014

A US Marine wearing a helmet camera during a helicopter raid in Afghanistan caught a video of a fellow Marine being hit with a headshot by a sniper. The Marine survived the shot and was apparently uninjured, though he reported his ears ringing.

In the video, the sound of the shot hitting the Marine’s helmet is clear and his head, absorbing the force of the shot is thrown back. According to military watchers, the Marine was indeed lucky as a different angle or a slightly higher caliber weapon would have caused significantly more damage, including brain damage and possibly death.

The image above is of Cpl. Erik Villagran who had a similar experience and lived to tell about it. He says, “Everything went black. I knew I got hit with something. It sounded like a grenade or a small improvised explosive device.”

The hit to Villagran’s forehead caused bleeding but fellow soldiers realized he was okay when he responded to their questions.

Kevlar helmets are made by DuPont and are expected to protect soldiers from submachine-gun bullets and fragments and absorb 20% more kinetic energy than the previous helmet technology. Kevlar is also much lighter than previous helmet technologies and improves mobility while reducing fatigue.

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