The Kegel Kustodian Bowling Robot Cleans and Conditions the Lanes in No Time

By: | August 8th, 2016

Kegel Kustodian

The Roomba came first, then came the Roomba-like lawn mower, and now we have an autonomous bowling robot along the same lines.

Called the Kegel Kustodian, this bowling robot slides up and down lanes, cleaning and conditioning them with oil to provide the best bowling experience possible.

With a price tag of a few thousand dollars, the Kegel Kustodian bowling robot does not come cheap, but if you’re a bowling alley owner, I’m sure its worth the investment assuming it holds up well after extended periods of use.

Not only will the Kegel Kustodian clean a lane, but it will also clean all lanes by autonomously finding the next lane on its own.

And the bowling bot doesn’t slouch on the oil either, as it has eight different oil options which are all approved by the United States Bowling Congress.

The Kegel Kustodian certainly seems reliable because it is utilized by the Professional Bowlers Association, so there’s that. Sounds legit to me!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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