JetBlue Airways Flight 387 Marks First Commercial Flight to Cuba in Over 50 Years

By: | September 2nd, 2016

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JetBlue Airways Flight 387 touched down in Santa Clara, Cuba from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, earlier this week.

The flight is a major milestone as it represents the first commercial flight to Cuba in over 50 years.

“Transportation has a unique role in this historic initiative and we look forward to the benefits these new services will provide to those eligible for Cuba travel,” said US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who was onboard Flight 387.

The historic flight comes merely months after the US and Cuba agreed to a deal to officially restore commercial air travel between the two countries.

Under the deal, there will be around 20 roundtrip flights between the US and Havana every day, in addition to 10 trips between the US and each of Cuba’s nine other airports.


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