Jet Fuel From ‘Gutter Oil’? Boeing & China Plan To Make It Happen!

By: | October 31st, 2014

Boeing is collaborating with Commercial Aircraft Corp of China on an initiative to turn “gutter oil” into jet fuel.

Surplus cooking waste/cooking oil in China is commonly referred to as gutter oil or sewage oil and because it is so widely available, could prove to a be a legitimate option for the aircraft makers.

Boeing said in a statement that the Hangzhou plant is more than capable of producing roughly 240,000 liters of fuel from gutter oil a year. And that’s from only one plant. Estimates are that China as a whole could produce 1.8 billion liters of fuel from gutter oil a year!

Selling and cooking with gutter oil in China is a punishable offense, however it is quite common.

Gutter oil being used as jet fuel versus getting people sick would be a much better option.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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