Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Takes Over Forgotten Launch Pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida

By: | September 26th, 2015

Blue Origin

Private space company Blue Origin, owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, finally has its own launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Blue Origin’s new facility, Launch Complex 36, hasn’t been used in approximately 10 years, but was once a favorite for NASA to test rockets and probes.

Launch Complex 36 will have a new name, “Exploration Park,” when the $200 million renovation is all said and done.

“Residents of the Space Coast have enjoyed front-row seats to the future for nearly 60 years,” Bezos wrote in a statement on Blue Origin’s website. “Our team’s passion for pioneering is the perfect fit for a community dedicated to forging new frontiers. Please keep watching.”

We’ll see if the new launch pad for Blue Origin helps Bezos and his team pioneer the space taxi industry that everyone seems to want a piece of.

Michael Cooney

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