Israeli Startup Presents Versatile EV Platform for any Car Body

By: | June 29th, 2020

Image by: REE

An automotive engineering startup based in Tel-Aviv, named “REE Automotive”, is pushing for the adoption of a revolutionary modular EV platform that can host a wide range of different car bodies.

This technology enables car manufacturers to avoid having to invest time and money in the development of EV platforms, optimize their battery packs, figure how to reduce volume and size while increasing body rigidity, and then having to do it all over again when a new body configuration or car model needs to be accommodated. REE calls carmakers to embrace its pioneering technology and benefit from a rich set of elements.

REE’s platform is adherent to international standards and certified in accordance with the regulations, is fully configurable, can host battery packs that provide voltages between 48 and 800 V, and is very easy to fix (replacements take less than 20 minutes). REE offers AI-based preventive maintenance covering the electric motor, the steer-by-wire wheel, ECU, and braking components. It’s the ultimate canvas upon which to build an efficient EV model at the shortest possible development cycle time.

The platform weighs only 384 kg and has a volume of 276 liters. For comparison, a typical EV platform has a volume of 800 liters and weighs approximately 565 kg. REE has even developed and presented three example applications of the platform, the AIR, the SHARE, and the BOLDER. The platforms provide an example of realizing a shuttling service car, a light-duty commercial vehicle, and a maximum storage capacity truck.

Already, REE is enjoying the support of powerful partners like leading carmakers and car part manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, KYB Suspensions, the Fiat Chrysler group, AAM, and Musashi. Furthermore, they are soon to announce partnerships with another two leading suspension and powertrain manufacturers in the US and Europe. All that said, REE is offering car producers who want to enter the EV market with impetus, an opportunity not only to catch up with established players in the field but to also compete with them head to head.

Bill Toulas

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