Israel Just Unveiled Its Massive Inflatable Reconnaissance Balloon

By: | November 5th, 2021

Israel has a sophisticated air defense system Iron Dome, which successfully intercepted rockets fired during 11-day Gaza war this year.

Now, to complement its tried, and tested missile Defense system, Iron Dome, Israel has begun testing a new missile detection system.

Called, the High Availability Aerostat System (HAAS), the detection system is one of the world’s largest systems of its kind. HAAS will be mounted on an inflatable zeppelin like a balloon. The unmanned airship will be tethered to the ground.

Designed as an early warning aerostat, the fixed airborne system will hover at high altitudes to detect incoming threats, like rockets, missiles, weaponized drones, or enemy aircraft.

The system has been developed by Israel’s Defense Ministry with the aid of subsidiary state-owned companies Israel Aerospace Industries and TCOM, and a U.S. aerostat manufacturer. The project has been partially funded by the United States Government.

Cost-effective means of constant air surveillance
This airborne system can also remain in the air for long periods under any weather conditions. It will need very little maintenance once operational.

Once operational, this impressive air defense system will further enhance Israel’s advanced threat detection capabilities.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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