Internet of Things Ecosystem to Support $15 Trillion Market

By: | August 24th, 2016

Internet of Things Platform (IoT)

Internet of Things Platform (IoT) (Image Courtesy By Wilgengebroed on Flickr [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

IndustryTap has reported on Intel’s new Quark Processors that will accelerate the Internet of Things (IoT), the ways in which the IoT will provide a foundation for Smart Cities, and Jeff Immelt’s expectations for an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that will add $15 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

The Growing Internet of Things Ecosystem

A $15 trillion market has to have a robust ecosystem of technologies, and a recent Gartner, Inc. report outlines the top Internet of Things technologies currently being developed and deployed. These include:

  • IoT Security
  • IoT Analytics
  • Low-Power, Short-Range IoT Networks
  • Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks
  • IoT Processors
  • IoT Operating Systems
  • Event Stream Processing
  • IoT Platforms
  • IoT Standards & Ecosystems

Top Internet of Things Platforms

Initial State has identified 12 of the Best IoT Platforms (see 1-12 below) with some additional providers added, making a total of 24 IoT Platform providers, and the list is anything but complete.

  2. Konekt
  3. MODE
  4. Carriots
  5. thethings.IO
  6. SiteWhere
  7. Aeris
  8. ProSyst
  9. 2lemetry
  10. Temboo
  11. TempolQ
  12. Xively
  13. IBM Watson IoT
  14. Ayla Networks
  15. Kaa IoT Open Source
  16. MCS
  17. Automatski
  18. Joojip
  19. Connect2.ME
  20. Locbit
  21. Microsoft IoT Azure
  22. AssetWolf
  23. Atomiton’s TQL Platform
  24. Intel’s IoT Platform

The following video features 2lemetry on “Choosing the Right IoT Platform.”

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