Intel’s First 10-Core Desktop Processor is the Most Powerful Ever

By: | August 21st, 2016

Some technologies come tailor-made for geeks and gamers who tend to play harder, longer, and more intensely than other computer users.

A New Processor for Beast Mode Gaming

Intel introduced its new line of high-end i7 processors, the Extreme Edition, in June 2016 at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, including a new 10-core processor. This next generation processor, intended for Intel’s most demanding users, is called the Broadway-E CPU Core i7-6950X. It provides 25% more cores than the Core i7-5960X and has a base clock speed of 3GHz which increases to 3.5 GHz with Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology 3.0.

Currently, the Core i7-6950X is retailing for $1,723, which sounds expensive, but allows users to run 20 simultaneous work threads, or “hyper threading,” making it perfect for videos, virtual reality (VR) applications, and 4K gaming.

According to PCWorld, the Broadway-E CPU Core i7-6950X is “crazy fast and crazy expensive.”

The following video is an introduction to Intel’s new Core i7-6950X processors by Paul’s Hardware.

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