Inside the Show That Strips Cities to Their Bones

By: | November 8th, 2013

If you haven’t been watching “Strip the City,” you’ve missed major cities stripped to naked bits of steel and concrete. It may sound like it’s just another sci-fi movie but “Strip the City” is a program on Science Channel and it’s getting high ratings from engineers and designers.

The program uses sophisticated video editing software to “strip away” facades of buildings and other construction projects to show what lies underneath. CGI Animation generates animated or moving images using 3D computer graphics software.

Dubai – skyscraper water supply and sandstorm protection for tall buildings

Toronto –  in its extremely cold climate, you find hidden world with malls and subways

San Francisco – techtonic timebomb

London – tunneling under London and building a bridge across the River Thames

Rome – Roman water supply, & the Roman Hill of Garbage

Harbor City in Sydney – man-made land




David Russell Schilling

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