Innovative White Water Rafting Design Makes Sport Easier, Safer

By: | December 12th, 2014

New White Water Rafting Design

White water rafting is one of the most fun sports in the world but it can be dangerous. White-water rafters use an International River Classification system that has six levels from easy and novice (Level I) to intermediate (Level II), several levels of experts (Levels III, IV & V) based on difficulty and dangerous (Level VI).

Most people will enjoy Levels I & II, but a significant number will be interested in III, IV and V. Daredevils will prefer the top level. In the classification system things start getting interesting and dangerous at about level IV because wherever there is whitewater there are rocks just beneath.

Thankfully, statistics on levels I through VI show that automobile driving is 15 times riskier than white water rafting.

Innovations In Raft Design Making It Safer

An innovative and safer type of whitewater raft that outperforms conventional white water river rafts is now available. It’s called Creature Craft and takes into account, in its trademarked cage design, the tendency of rafts to overturn in dangerous water.

In fact the design keeps the raft from ever getting upside down in the water while the roll cage protects occupants from rocks and other objects that become a problem when the raft is on its side.

The following video shows the raft in action!

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