Innovative Roofing Trends You Need to Know About

By: | July 6th, 2021

Roofing is a crucial part of any building, and styles are ever-changing when it comes to it as much as housing. Pick one of the trends today, and your house will look a bit different and even stylish. Though there are other trends that don’t bring out the best. 

Since there are plenty of trends around, narrowing it down to innovative ones can be challenging. Below, you can find a breakdown of the roofing trends that you need to look at. You also get to know a little bit more about the trends too. 

Light Colors

The days of the gloomy dark colors when it comes to roofing are long gone. Though black and gray shingles won’t lose their flavor anytime soon, people are starting to embrace more color. Regardless of material and taste, you can expect more color. 

Today, you have better colors like blue, beige, soft green and off-white taking up the roofing market. When you have a lighter color for your roofing, it’s more of a welcoming color. The more golden color also helps the house have a quiet and calm atmosphere inside. 


Another upcoming trend when it comes to roofing has got to be the use of synthetic material. These roofs are made out of unique polyurethane material. Some of the roof types in this group are made of natural wood shakes. 

This type of roof has a certain authentic appeal, and the appearance is a bit refreshing. The roof won’t rot or warp, and it also won’t lose color. Several people were going for this roof because of its appeal and its made of lightweight material. 

Silicone Roofs

Silicone roof coats are another upcoming trend that is set to shake the roofing market. It’s awe-inspiring for homeowners who want to refresh their roof – without replacing the whole thing. It enables you to add a coat to the existing top.

The other thing that makes silicone coating impressive is that you also get to add durability to your roof and color. When applying silicone coating, you need only two coats to create the new top you want. 

Metal Roofing

You have probably seen metal roofs for a long while, but it’s only recently that it’s making a comeback. This type of roof was previously only suitable for industrial buildings and barns, but that’s no longer the case. You can use it for your house too. 

The good thing is that the revamp has come with different designs and colors to make it contemporarily acceptable. The team from Bravo Roofing, a Maryland roofing company, pointed out that a good reason why you should consider metal roofing is that it’s more durable than all other roofing. The other valuable reason you should look at this roof is that it reflects better on UV rays. It makes the house a bit warmer on the inside, especially during the hotter summer months. The metal roof isn’t only good for summer; it insulates the home and helps the temperatures remain steady for all weather conditions. 

Solar Roofing Panels

Everyone is looking to go green today, and that’s why the influx in solar panels today. More is yet to come out of this roofing trend for years to come. And since it’s becoming more affordable, expect to see more of this roof trend for a while. 

It’s not all about the energy aspect of this roofing trend, though; it’s also a durable roofing trend. You can also get a special discount on taxes for homeowners who have installed solar panels. With solar panels, you also protect your roof and home equally. 

Flat Roofs

The last trend on this list is the flat roof which most people still find a bit strange. Most homeowners prefer either sloping or angular sides. But these don’t create the modern feel that the flat roof gives to the houses. 

You will see more of the flat roof for years to come because most people prefer modern ideas today. It also creates a minimalistic exterior for the house, which isn’t only stylish but attractive. The roofing style may also be cost-effective on new buildings than the other options. 

Lastly, flat roofs are pretty versatile, and you can easily do a lot more with them. You can add solar panels, and they also can become green roofs. If you love decks, it can also act as a rooftop deck. 

Roofing trends are about changing as housing trends in the market. But still, several clients will go for modern ideas. Here are some of the innovative roof trends that you can look up for today and a few years to come. Not only you have to follow roofing trends, but find a reliable and professional roofing company.

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay


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