IndyCar’s New LED Panels for Its Cars Will Keep Fans Engaged Throughout Races

By: | August 7th, 2015

This past weekend, IndyCar debuted LED panels that show the driver’s position in real time on the side of the car.

Just above the driver’s head, you will see the digital clock-style LED panels set on both sides of each car’s “airbox.” It’s designed to give fans the best viewing experience at the race or from their couch.

While the technology was originally going to be unveiled at the Indy 500, a few hangups resulted in its debut being pushed back.

The screens measure only 3 millimeters thick, and are eight inches wide by seven inches tall, allowing you to get a solid idea of what is going on throughout a race.

Interesting enough, when a driver takes a pit stop a clock will run to show fans how long it takes, a flashing green “PP” will tell fans when a driver is using the series’ “push to pass” feature, and a red number will be used to show the driver’s position throughout the race.

Michael Cooney

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