Ikea’s New Indoor Gardening Kit Never Stops Growing Food

By: | April 13th, 2016

I always wanted to grow my own vegetables and herbs, but living in the city I can’t afford to have my own kitchen garden.

But soon, we’ll have something to cheer about!

Swedish furniture giant IKEA unveiled a game-changing new product: a hydroponic indoor gardening kit called the Krydda/Växer series. This kit will allow anyone to grow veggies and herbs right at home, all year-around and it can fit anywhere, even on your kitchen counter.

Although this is not the first indoor hydroponic gardening kit available on the market, it is so simple that anyone can successfully use it.

Helena Karlén from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences said, “The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponics system simple, so that anyone could succeed.”

How it works:

Hydroponics is the way of growing plants in water without using soil, while providing them with the perfect lighting and additional nutrients.

Growing plants with this kit is so simple…Here, plants are grown without any soil. In place of soil is absorbent foam plugs. These foam plugs keep the plants moist and also avoid over-watering.

Seeds are sprouted using the these foam plugs, and once germinated, you can simply transfer the entire foam plug into its own little pot and fill it with pumice stones, and then put the pots into a growing tray, which comes equipped with a solar lamp. These solar lamps provide nourishment to the little plants irrespective of weather.

If possible, you can place the tray in direct sun as well. To ensure your plants are neither under- or over-watered, the growing tray comes equipped with a built-in water sensor.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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