IBM Watson’s Expert Personal Shopper to Boost Cognitive Retail

By: | December 11th, 2016

Nearly everyone lives busy lives these days and taking the time to shop for healthy food is a big challenge. Walk into a supermarket when you’re hungry and you’re likely to make poor choices. While some people can walk into Whole Foods or Wegmans and purchase whatever they want, most people can’t do that; the typical challenge is buying food that is healthy, without breaking the budget.

Cognitive Dissonance Requires Cognitive Computing

As the number and types of foods available in supermarkets expands, shoppers are losing ground in their battle to eat healthily. As someone who has signed up for and used Chef Watson recipes, it would be great if shopping for ingredients in the recipes was easier.

IBM Acquires Fluid to Better Tailor Services for Consumers

Obviously, the people at IBM have noticed this problem and recently acquired the Expert Personal Shopper (XPS) division of Fluid. The Fluid software was built using IBM’s cognitive computing system, and they created interactive dialogues to get shopper input and make personalized product recommendations.

IBM has recently teamed with Under Armor to create a new “cognitive coaching” system to help those interested in personal health and fitness to take a more organized and rational approach to health and fitness activities and make better decisions.

It looks like cognitive computing is moving forward on a number of fronts and improving customer digital experiences.

Following is a video of IBM Watson’s new Text to Speech app available on Android phones.

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