Hyperloop TT to Initiate Commercial Operations by 2023

By: | November 15th, 2019

The chairman of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has stated that the first trials to connect Dubai, Al-Ain, and Abu Dhabi are scheduled for 2020.

If all goes well, the hyperloop will begin taking actual passengers in 2023, changing the face of commuting in the area forever. The planned hyperloop system will circle the three cities reaching a total length of 150 km. The cost of raising it is estimated at about $40 million per kilometer, so we have a total project estimate of $6 billion.

All this money is worth what the passengers will enjoy at the end, as the travel time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will only be about 15 minutes.

The maximum speed reached by the hyperloop transporter is 1000 km/h, although this may be restricted to a smaller figure upon the project completion. The developers are confident that this speed comes with no safety risks, but other factors may be taken into account when the commissioning time comes.

However, the humongous cost of the project and the limited passenger capacity naturally brought up the question of whether this will be a feasible project. Bibop Gresta of the Hyperloop TT believes so, as they see high levels of sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the project. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are homes to some of this world’s richest people, and putting a prohibitive price on the ticket will still allow the transporters to travel around full.

Only last year, the Hyperloop TT signed agreements in the United States and also in China. The first proposes the development of a hyperloop route between Cleveland and Chicago, while the second seeks to connect Guizhou and Tongren via a 10-kilometer tube. The UAE project, however, is scheduled to be the first one to be completed by the company.

Bill Toulas

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