Hyperloop One Global Challenge Winners Announced

By: | September 17th, 2017

Hyperloop One XP-1

Hyperloop unveils XP-1 passenger pod. Image courtesy Hyperloop One

On Sept. 14, Hyperloop One announced the winners in its Hyperloop One Global Challenge, a competition to identify the best routes for its high-speed, futuristic transportation system.

There were 10 winners out of a field of over 2600. They include a route that connects Chicago, Columbus, and Pittsburgh; another in India. that runs between the massive cities of Mumbai and Chennai; and another to bring together Mexico City and Guadalajara, a route that would connect over 60 million people. The speed of the Hyperloop passenger pod, planned to be as high as 670 mph, could make the 685-mile trek between Mumbai and Chennai in just over an hour.

Here are all of the winning Hyperloop One Global Challenge routes, with distances and theoretical travel times:

Routes in U.S.

  • Chicago to Pittsburgh: (using Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh loop) 785 km / 47 min
  • Dallas to Austin: (using Dallas, Laredo, Houston loop) 322 km / 19 min
  • Denver to Colorado Springs: (using Cheyenne, Denver, Pueblo loop) 118 km / 9 min
  • Miami to Orlando: 414 km / 25 min

Routes in India

  • Bengaluru to Chennai: 334 km / 23 min
  • Mumbai to Channai: 1102 km / 63 min

Routes in UK

  • Edinburgh to London: 666 km / 50 min
  • Glasgow to Liverpool: 545 km / 47 min


  • Mexico City to Guadalajara: 532 km / 38 min


  • Toronto to Montreal: 640 km / 39 minutes

When will it be up and running? According to the company, “Our goal is to have three systems in service by 2021.” No word on where they might be.

You can learn more about the Hyperloop here, and in the video below.

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