Humane ID Tags: Time-Saving Innovations In Laboratory Workflow

By: | October 23rd, 2016

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The Importance Of Facilitating Workflow

Science involves quite a bit of time-consuming experimentation whose categorization and organization will already be extensive. Even with the most streamlined techniques, this portion of development won’t go quickly. One of the better ways to expedite things is through workflow automation techniques that cut out redundant or antiquated practices. Additionally, better workflow automation techniques are going to regularly incorporate cutting edge technology solutions.

Where Things Can Be Expedited

One area where workflow automation is being sped up substantially is through a new industry standard in lab animal ID automation. These humane tags can advance the efficiency of practices in the lab and statistically reduce time spent preparing the scientific stage for breakthroughs, enabling said breakthroughs to be achieved faster.

What Specifically Is This New Innovation?

Mini-eartags that can be scanned by a barcode scanner are printed in 2-D on a lab animal’s ear. When such barcodes are scanned, 100% accuracy is routinely observed. Unique IDs can be provided by the millions, as well as a cavalcade of colors to allow visual identification of an immediate nature as a secondary means of organization. Additionally, these tags are compatible to autoclave and MRI technology. As well, the tags do not require surgery as they are minimally invasive.

All these things combine together such that cost-effectiveness also tempers their utility. Furthermore, application of the tags is gentle. This is because ultimately, among the better tags, their design is ultra-lightweight. Lightweight categorization tags help keep stress levels of laboratory rodents reduced, which can be essential in many areas of testing. Other ID methods are going to increase stress levels, which can facilitate release of additional hormonal compounds that can compromise the results of some tests.

Finally, no anesthesia is required as the process is essentially painless. This saves the expense of anesthesia, the time it takes to apply it, and the collateral health effects which must be monitored in the wake of a mass tagging. As well, this new family of tags is known for integrating with platforms which manage databases, as well as Microsoft Excel.

The potential for increased automation here is extensive. Consider the advantage of viewing data in real-time the second an animal becomes part of a study. Not only does this reduce costs and save time, but with decreased involved processes, the potential for human error is likewise curtailed.

Advancing Laboratory Effectiveness

One organization producing such solutions is They’ve got a strong focus on the facilitation of better workflow automation. Taking workflow to the next level dilutes complication in experimentation, which leaves additional time to achieve results. Ultimately, any operation is going to be expensive, and results will be demanded by those who are bankrolling it. Providing results more quickly increases the security of funding and has a very real likelihood of encouraging more and better funding over time. To that end, finding cost-effective solutions is necessary for dependable operations.

Exponential Increase

According to Moore’s Law, computer processing speed doubles every eighteen months. Accordingly, technology’s regular increase seems to happen at a rate that can easily be described as exponential. Remaining abreast of this exponential growth is an integral part of ensuring a lab’s output is competitively viable. Even where competition is not an issue, streamlined workflow eases the stress put on those conducting the work in addition to the laboratory animals. Costs are also curtailed when additional anesthetic for tagging can be requisitioned elsewhere, or cut from the budget entirely. Finding ways to employ this innovation is recommendable.

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