How Your Company Can Benefit from Power BI Technology

By: | May 27th, 2021

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Is your business growing and you find it very difficult to manage the data it regularly generates? Is it becoming a problem to harness your data and make key decisions? 

Worry not because you are at the right place. It is time to bridge the gap between data and decision-making; by creating an amazing data experience and make decisions with confidence.

A Business Intelligence (BI) tool is an incredible technological tool that is used to convert raw data into meaningful information by using intuitive visualizations and tables. 

It is a collection of software services, apps and data connectors that effectively analyze data and allows you to easily visualize your company’s data to transform your operations.

Power BI is a cloud-based tool that will not only help you to see what happened in the past and what is currently happening to your company, but it will also allow you to project what might happen in the future. We recommend that you use this platform for your company’s data analyses because of the following awe-inspiring reasons.

Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Applications

You shouldn’t be worried about losing your current business environment. Power BI will easily integrate with your existing business environment, including Microsoft systems and any advanced cloud services. 

Even if your company has been using various file formats from different servers or databases, this data will be integrated into one standard format in a common staging area.

All the Microsoft products you can think of, including Dynamics 365, Azure, and Excel seamlessly integrate with Power BI. 

Imagine uploading and viewing your filtered and sliced data on Excel in a tabular form in an Excel spreadsheet. Power BI’s super integration with Excel will help you to view and work with the raw data behind a Power BI visualization.

You can also import data from a wide range of data sources including XML, JSON, and online services such as Google Analytics and Facebook, enabling you to have access to all sorts of data sources to connect to and analyze your company’s progress and make educated predictions and conclusions.

Allows You to Build Personalized Dashboards and Interactive Reports

You can easily customize the information on Power BI dashboards to easily suit and meet your company’s needs. How one uses it depends on what their role is in your company; Power BI can generate custom dashboards depending on what data is relevant, and the kind of information you need access to.

With its attractive, intuitive, and interactive visualizations you can easily generate reports quickly by using Power BI’s functionality to drag-and-drop and add different visualizations by applying filters and making selections in a report. 

This use of dashboards and reports will help you to represent data more intuitively and in the long run, help you to make better business decisions based on the insights acquired from the visualizations.

Allows You to Access Your Data Analytics from Wherever You Are

Surprisingly, the functionalities and capabilities of Power BI can be embedded into a mobile app that is available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Through the app, you can get secure access to real-time dashboards and reports for your company, having a full integration to help you to only focus on the information you need.

During this Covid-19 pandemic where many are working from home, Power BI is making work bearable. Once you have created a custom dashboard within Power BI, it will automatically appear in your Power BI mobile app

Your employees can also have access to the company’s data through the app, where they can create and share reports and set up push notifications to get personal data alerts sent to their devices for appropriate action.

While having everything you need at your disposal, the Power BI mobile app allows each member of your company to easily interpret data and share it via text, email, or even through the app itself.

Excellent Storage Capacity

Power BI has the capability of storing large datasets in a highly compressed in-memory cache without compromising their quality or performance. You can enable the “large dataset storage” format setting for large datasets beyond the default limit. 

When enabled, dataset size is limited by the premium capacity size set by you. A file that is 420 MB large can be reduced to 50 MB when uploaded to Power BI.

As your company grows, company data grows with it. With time you’ll have several excel sheets and large files that will not load or open easily on a regular machine. 

Even if you succeed in viewing the files, it’s not going to be a walk in the park to extract the information you need. However, Power BI has the ability to load and transform large files in a split second, literally.

It is Affordable and Cost-Effective

The crowning benefit of Power BI is its affordability because it has different versions that you can choose from. Power BI desktop is free and the user can use it to develop both simple and complex reports and dashboards. 

Power BI Pro which gives you all the functionality in the Azure cloud costs $9.99 per user per month. For a larger audience, you can use Power BI Premium that allows you to be more responsive to your business needs and customize costs based on your audience usage. It costs $20 per user/month.

With Power BI you will not need any specialized technical support, saving you the cost of hiring a data analyst. It provides agile inquiry and analysis that supports a powerful natural language interface while using intuitive graphical designs that are easy to understand.


Because of the many benefits of Power BI, including its ease of use, many businesses are turning to this platform to make the most out of their big data investments. They connect their existing applications to the platform, as well as all their data sources. This allows them to analyze, share and promote insights while maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and security, thereby making informed business decisions that stand the test of time.


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