How to Solve the Top 4 Most Common Flat Roof Problems

By: | May 25th, 2021

Some homes are made of a flat roof that is not only aesthetically pleasing but can also provide more value to your property. However, unlike other types of roofs, a flat roof tends to require more maintenance to ensure that it is in its best condition. This article lists down some of the ways to address the most common flat roof problems.

Leaks and Moisture

Some of the most common flat roof problems are leaks, as well as lingering moisture. Seasoned roofing contractors suggest that to deal with this problem effectively, you need to stay on top of it through regular inspections and maintenance. Keep in mind that since your roof is flat, there is no other way for the water to go, but down. Thus, moisture can seep into the roof itself, leading to the growth of molds and fungus.

Pooling Water

Another common problem that you may encounter with a flat roof is pooling water. This usually happens when it rains or snows because there is no other way for the water to go. The reason behind this is that your roof may shift a bit as your home settles over time. Thus, your flat roof may no longer be as leveled as it was when it was first installed. In this case, what you need to do is to drain the water immediately to avoid having the water seep into the lower layers of your roof. When you allow pooling to linger, the exterior of your roof may soon deteriorate.


When you have a flat roof, there tends to be more pressure exerted on it because it is flat instead of slanted. When this pressure builds up, your roof can eventually crack. When this happens, make sure to call a roofing professional immediately for them to be able to address the problem. Otherwise, your home may be exposed to precipitation. Not only this but your roof may already be structurally compromised, risking the people living in your property. In this case, you will already be forced to get a new roof installed by roofing experts.


Finally, when you have a flat roof, you may also experience the problem which is known as flashing. This happens as your flat roof expands or contracts over time depending on the weather condition and temperature. When this happens, the flashing of your roof can pull away from the edges and corners of your roof, resulting in leaks, as well as moisture that can get trapped in your roof. To combat this problem, make sure that you perform periodic inspections of your roof. Otherwise, you may need to get a new roof if you already have tons of deterioration in the flashing.

When it comes to flat roof problems such as those listed above, your best defense is periodic maintenance and regular inspections. In this way, you will be able to address the potential issues that you see immediately, preventing them from worsening. Rest assured that there will always be roofing experts available to help you in case you already need their services.

Image Credit: Christopher Amend


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