How many squares do you see? (Answer)

By: | January 5th, 2013

There are a total of 49 squares in this image. See where they are below.

First you start with your small squares:

That gives you 16 small squares.  The you find your medium squares:

Each blue square gives you 16 total but don’t forget about the purple squares which gives you 19 total medium squares.  Then you find your large squares, watch the animation to see where they are:

As you can see that gives us 9 total large squares.  Then find your extra large squares, another animation to help:

Giving us 4 total extra large squares.  Last but not least we can’t forget the biggest square of them all:

Now let’s look at how many squares we have total.

  • 16 Small Squares
  • 19 Medium Squares
  • 9 Large Squares
  • 4 Extra Large Squares
  • 1 Extra Extra Large Square

That brings us to the total of 49 squares.  Don’t forget to check out our other brain teasers.

Michael Cooney

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