How Custom Signage Can Help Your Business

By: | November 3rd, 2020

Image by Paul Steuber from Pixabay

Every business needs to communicate and promote its brand effectively to its target audience and one of the best ways that this can be achieved is through the use of custom signage. Custom signs have played a huge role in the business world for many years and remain highly effective even in today’s digital age.


A custom sign is one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate a message to the target customer and wider world. These signs can be used in all kinds of different ways too whether this is to raise brand awareness, increase sales, communicate an important message or to build your brand reputation.

How to Use Custom Signs

Signs can be used in all kinds of ways in a number of different industries. One of the most effective places where custom signs are used is outside of shops – this is because it allows you to easily communicate a message to every passer-by without the need for someone standing outside the store all day trying to get people to come in. An eye-catching sign outside the front of a shop can lure people in and greatly increase the amount of traffic that you get.

Inside the shop, you can then use signs to inform people about certain products, offers and any other important information. People do not want to be harassed when out shopping and a custom sign is a non-invasive way to communicate a particular message and means that staff do not constantly have to be out speaking to every visitor.

The Importance of Quality & Design

The key to success when it comes to custom signs is excellent quality and design, especially when you are competing against many other businesses that will have their own signs trying to attract customers. You will want to use an experienced signage printing specialist for high-quality signs that will impress passers-by and who use a variety of techniques to make your signs stand out from the crowd.

One of the most effective ways to make your sign stand out is colour. If you think about many of the most successful and recognisable brands, they all have a distinctive colour, such as Cadbury’s (purple), McDonald’s (red and yellow) and Facebook (blue). You also need to factor in size and remember that bigger is better and allows you to communicate more information as well as include some form of eye-catching imagery. Contrast is another effective way to naturally draw people’s eyes in and could help your sign to stand out.

Custom signs are an excellent way for a business to communicate an important message and this could help them to raise awareness, boost sales and attract more customers. It can be challenging and competitive, though, which is why design is so important when it comes to custom signs.


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