Would You Guess This Could Be the World’s Fastest …

By: | May 20th, 2014

Bike! The Arion 1 is a bike designed by eight engineering students at the University of Liverpool, confident their product will break the world record for the fastest bike in May 2015.

The Arion 1 was specifically designed as an inverted teardrop shape enclosed in an aerodynamic shell in order to attain ultimate speed and slice through air as effortlessly as possible.

From the outside, it appears as though the bike has no wheels and no room for a driver when, in reality, the Arion 1 utilizes both.

The wheels barely protrude out from the aerodynamic shell and the driver actually has to lie down inside of the shell with zero visibility outside of the bike. Instead, the Arion 1 uses a camera mounted on the outside to allow the driver to steer and see his or her surroundings.

The Dutch-made XeloX3 is the current world record holder for the fastest exotic engineered bike at a whopping 83.1 miles an hour.

Here’s a GIF of XeloX3 for perspective on just how fast these bikes are traveling:

Engineers working on the Arion 1 claim their bike will have no problem reaching speeds upwards of 90mph.

Marshall Smith

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