Google Secretly Working on a Drone Delivery System of Its Own

By: | September 2nd, 2014

Image courtesy Google

While everyone has been talking about Amazon’s drone delivery project in the works, Google has been secretly testing its own drone delivery system for packages.

The two-year-old top secret project is called “Project Wing” and the drones have been testing in Australia.

As the race heats up for the future of delivering packages ordered over the Internet, Google is doing all it can do to be at the forefront of the drone delivery movement.



Currently, no drone testing is being done in the United States by major companies like Amazon and Google because of FAA regulations, something companies are looking to get changed in the near future.

Dave Vos who sold his drone software company, Athena Technologies, to Rockwell in 2008, is about to take the lead on Google’s drone project. He’ll be replacing MIT associate professor Nick Roy who had been taking time off from teaching in order to get “Project Wing” off the ground.

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