Golden-i Helps Cops Chase Down Suspects (Video)

By: | May 12th, 2015

Police Golden-i

Police Golden-i (Image Courtesy

While US citizens, government agencies, and police try to sort out the rash of questionable violence and death while apprehending suspects, new technology is in development and on the streets to help police do their jobs better. IndustryTap has addressed this subject before in “Fighting Gun Violence with New Acoustic Gunshot Detection Technology” and “New “Killer App” Reduces Crime by Forecasting Risk Times, Locations.”

A new device called “Golden-i” is a state-of-the-art head-mounted intelligence system similar to Google Glass that quickly and efficiently provides intelligence information to police to help them understand who they are chasing. The operating system was developed by Ikanos Consulting and includes a media player, email, file explorer, web browser, camera viewer, and telephone dialer and retails for $2,500. It has been in use for two years.


Golden-i (Image Courtesy



Golden-i (Image Courtesy

The following shows police, or perhaps “Robocops,” re-enacting a chase scene using the Golden-i device.

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