Gogoro’s Early Adopters Receiving Their Scooters in the Company’s Hometown of Taipei

By: | July 31st, 2015


Gogoro started shipping out the first of its electric Smartscooters to preorder customers over the weekend.

The company’s introductory offer encompasses the scooter for approximately $4,100, a year’s worth of theft insurance, in addition to two years of free maintenance and unlimited battery swaps.

Over time, however, users will eventually have to pay a subscription fee to retain access to Gogoro’s battery-swapping network.

Currently, there are 65 GoStations installed and running in Taipei, where the company is based, and those stations represent the only places the scooters can be charged for the time being.

Gogoro will experiment with its 400 Smartscooter preorders right now in Taipei before looking to possibly expand outside of the company’s hometown.



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