Go Behind the Scenes of a Deconstructed Burger in Slow Motion

By: | August 27th, 2016

Vimeo/Steve Giralt

You see the Hardee’s commercials where a big ole burger seemingly falls out of the sky, and the toppings perfectly land in place, which I always figured was too good to be true.

Not the burger itself, but the animation/how the deconstructed burger is filmed.

Well, we can now put the deconstructed burger conspiracy theories to bed thanks to the following video below, one which actually goes behind the scenes to demonstrate how it all works.

Videographer Steve Giralt built a crazy robot arm with the help of an Arduino-based timing control system, which perfectly moves to capture a deconstructed burger in slow motion.

Here’s the final product:

Behind the scenes:

Michael Cooney

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