Global Data Center Operational Efficiency

By: | July 5th, 2017

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What’s in a Data Center?

Data centers these days are becoming bigger and bigger. They include applications, electric systems, mechanical systems, network systems and tools. As data centers become bigger and more critical, the effort to make them run more efficiently is a big challenge. Staff at data centers must follow governance procedures but there is a big  difference between written guidelines and the reality of dealing with such a mixed bag of technologies. In the end technicians must develop a holistic understanding of the data center they work in. If they can do that they are a big asset to their company.

The Big Incentive to Improve Data Center Performance

If one uses resources more efficiently it is possible to spread those resources over more projects or instances. This is becoming more and more true in the world of data center operational efficiency. In order for companies to improve data center efficiency they must follow best practices. In today’s rapidly changing world enterprises have been able to use the idea of strategic data centers, decreasing maintenance expenses for existing infrastructure and freeing up assets for new projects.

According to an IBM and IDC global data center report, “when data centers are operating at the highest level of efficiency companies can allocate 50% more of their IT resources to new projects.”

According to the IBM/IDC report there are four elements to a strategic approach to data center operational efficiency:

  • Optimize the server, storage, network and facilities assets to
    maximize capacity and availability
  • Design for flexibility to support changing business needs
  • Use automation tools to improve service levels and
  • Have a plan that aligns with the business goals and keep
    it current.


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