Gifts for Firefighters: 15 Fantastic Ideas

By: | October 11th, 2019

Image by Jose Conejo Saenz from Pixabay

There are few professions that are considered heroic, but firefighting is certainly one of them. In fact, more than 788,000 of the 1,134,400 firefighters working in the United States are volunteer firefighters.

The holidays are fast approaching. If you have a special firefighter in your life, or want to do something special for one in your community, it’s time to start looking at gifts for firefighters.

Check out the list below for some great ideas. 

  1. A Tool Holder

Firefighters work with lots of tools every single day. A nice tool roll makes their life easier. Practical gifts are always a good idea!

  1. A Survival Bracelet

Survival bracelets can be made out of par cord. This is a convenient way to have it handy if (and when) something happens.

  1. The Firefighter’s Bible

You can find this special edition of the Bible made just to commemorate firefighters. It also features inspirational quotes to keep their spirits high.

  1. A Rescue Tool

First responder rescue tools with multiple functions are essential on the job. Browse the different options before deciding which one is the best upgrade.

  1. A Fire Hose Wallet

A fire hose can serve multiple functions. As it turns out, the material is great for making wallets! 

  1. A Good Quality Knife

A high-quality rescue knife can save lives. With this present, you can help save lives as well.

  1. Firefighter Cuff Links

Even firefighters sometimes get gussied up. Why not offer a nice pair of cuff links with the Maltese cross for extra flair?

  1. St. Florian Merch

St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. You can find various merchandise featuring St. Florian to watch over the station and protect it.

  1. Customized Station Art

A customized piece of art to hang in the station makes a really thoughtful gift. Consider having the station’s name featured along with some meaningful symbols. 

  1. A Firefighter Watch

A few companies make watches that are perfect for a firefighter. They should have the Maltese cross and practical features like glow in the dark hands.

  1. A Portable Massager

Who needs a back massage more than a firefighter? However, with their long hours, they rarely have time to get one. Instead, pick up a portable one for all the boys at the station to enjoy.

  1. A Firefighter Birdhouse

A birdhouse can be made out of practically anything — why not a fire hat? It’s easy enough to find one online.

  1. A Fire Hose Belt

There are so many things people do with recycled firefighting gear. One is to make a belt from an old fire hose. Not only is it clever, but it’s an environmentally friendly present.

  1. A Fire Hose Bottle Opener

Many firefighters like to kick back a few beers after a grueling day of manual labor and saving lives. You can find a unique bottle opener made out of an old fire hose nozzle to celebrate their profession.

  1. Firefighting Socks

With all the running around they do, firefighters go through socks like no one else. Why not get them a custom pair?

You can read more here about the range of firefighting socks available.

More Gifts for Firefighters

If these options don’t suit your needs, you can always find more gifts for firefighters by asking around. You can ask other firefighters what they might like, or ask people close to the person you’re giving the gift to. 

Guest Writer: James William


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