Get Down to the Large Hadron Rap

By: | May 18th, 2015

Kate McAlpine The Large Hadron Rap

Kate McAlpine The Large Hadron Rap(Image Courtesy

One day we all may learn using rap. It’s rhythmic, lyrical and fun! Most importantly we may remember what we hear.

Kate McAlpine, a graduate of Michigan State University where she received a dual degree in Physics and Journalism, has had an illustrious early career as a science writer.

She has been:

  • an intern at the American Physical Society,
  • a writer for US LHC and ATLAS E-news at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland,
  • an intern at the New Scientist magazine in London.

In the mid to late 2000s McAlpine got involved in creating “Rapping Science” videos including:

  • Black Hole Rap
  • Rare Isotope Rap
  • Peter Jenni Rap
  • Internal to ATLAS, a performance by eight Collaboration Board chairs for the outgoing Spokesperson
  • Large Hadron Rap – Over 5 million views on YouTube; in science and tech, #7 most favorited and #14 most watched (all time). Covered in print, web, TV and radio around the world.
  • Spoke on the subject of science rap at the SciCom08 conference in Vienna, Austria, COMEX3 in Michigan, USA (June 2009), and Move On! in Stockholm, Sweden.

McAlpine is now working at the University of Michigan College of Engineering where she continues to write about science and engineering topics and promote the university.

Another science rapper is Coma Niddy. Here’s his SciTunes #10:

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