Get Freedom From Tangled Wires With a DIY Wireless Charger

By: | August 10th, 2016

DIY-Wireless-Charger (Image courtesy Digital Trends)

No one likes to mess with wires…

The convenience of not having to mess with wires is the prime reason for wireless charging becoming increasingly popular. More and more phones today have built-in wireless charging capabilities.

These are still the early days of wireless charging

Although wireless charging is not a new technology, it’s still very expensive. However, instead of buying a wireless charger, you can build your own DIY wireless charger at home that will work with almost any smartphone.

All you need is a CNC router and a charging kit. If a CNC router is not handy, you can pick any wooden block and shape it with a chisel and Forstner bit in your drill press.

Watch this video from Make Magazine explaining the straightforward steps:

  • Sketch out the dimensions of your charger including a hollow space inside to fit the inductive charging kit.
  • Next, transfer your sketch into the tool paths for the CAM software.
  • Start enjoying the freedom from tangled wires with your DIY wireless charger.
Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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