German Man Creates Electromagnetic Spiderman Webshooter to Go with His Iron Man and X-Men Devices

By: | April 27th, 2014

Patrick Priebe, German craftsman and big fan of comic book superheroes, has created an electromagnetic Spider-Man webshooter very similar to that of the real Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, unlike the real thing, Priebe’s device has to be mounted on the user’s wrist to function, but once attached has some pretty neat functionality.

The webshooter is powered by electromagnetics and shoots out a harpoon and string strong enough to pull on. Give Priebe some more time and I’m sure he will develop a web-like material to shoot out of his new invention.

While the Spider-Man webshooter may seem cool and out of the ordinary, Priebe already has other devices dedicated to X-Men and Iron Man. Watch the video demonstrations below:

X-Men “Laser Eyes” Device:

Iron Man Laser Arm:

Marshall Smith

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