Generative AI Made the Year 2023: How Did It Change the World So Far?

By: | February 6th, 2024

Talks about artificial intelligence (AI) only became mainstream and popular in the last couple of decades, so it seems like AI is a recent concept birthed by the current generation. But it’s not. Scientists have been actively conceptualizing AI since the early 1900s. And, in fact, before then, ancient Greek inventors had conceived of the automaton, a self-operating machine.

But, as we’ve said, it’s only in this century that AI is spurring general conversation and influencing popular culture. Mostly, the conversation is dominated by our anxiety about AI. For example, a film like I, Legend, articulates our fear of AI going out of control and causing unexpected consequences.

More recently, however, with the emergence of generative AI, a type of artificial intelligence technology specifically designed to create different types of content, our perennial anxiety has taken on a new aspect. Now, we think AI will lead to the disintegration of our civilization—and that’s why there’s been a lot of controversy around generative AI recently.

This year, generative AI has made major headlines worldwide. There has been the rise of ChatGPTt, for example, an AI-powered chatbot that can generate written texts. 

We need not imagine the worst of AI. It is, like all technology, designed to better our lives. In any case, generative AI is now here to stay. We are much better off getting acquainted with some of the positive changes it has brought with it. Let’s consider a few below. 

More Personalized Gaming Industry

If you are a passionate gamer, you’d undoubtedly agree that the gaming industry today significantly differs from how it was in the previous decade. It’s been a couple of decades now since games moved online, of course, but it’s only recently that they have gotten more immersive and interactive, thanks to artificial intelligence. Because of AI, games are now better developed and more enjoyable. 

Take live casino online platforms, for example, where there is no doubt that AI has completely transformed online gaming experiences for the better. Where games tended to follow a one-size-fits-all model before, now you have the opportunity to customize your game to your personal preference. 

That is possible because of certain AI algorithms trained to study your behavior and preferences. These algorithms then feed the information to the casino game, causing it to adjust its offers and interfaces accordingly.

But that’s not all. You’d be delighted to learn that some platforms are experimenting with AI-animated hosts, dealers, croupiers, etc. Imagine logging into your preferred online casino platform and being greeted by a bot that knows your name and strikes up a conversation with you, asking about your day and recommending games for you to play. 

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

All the hate that generative AI is getting would be justified if it didn’t truly make our lives easier. But it does—especially in our work life. If used adequately and intelligently, generative AI can directly improve our efficiency and productivity at work. Systems like ChatGPT, which we mentioned above, can help you generate ideas quickly and easily and even provide you with a template to work with.

Instead of worrying about how generative AI will take our jobs, we are much better off channeling that energy into learning to intelligently use AI to complete our tasks. Let generative AI take some of the burden off of you.

More Personalized Education

But the impact of generative AI extends beyond the business world, and here, yet again, we have to make an example of ChatGpt. Among other things, ChatGPT can also be used as a virtual tutor. It’s available 24/7 to answer any question you may pose to it. There’s hardly any question you give it to which it won’t provide an answer. If you don’t like the answer, you can make your instructions more specific. 

For example, you may ask it to break down a concept to you like you’re a high school attendee. Or you may ask it to provide more examples so you fully understand the concept. It’s like having a private teacher ready to do everything possible to ensure you understand what you’re learning. 

Transforming Customer Service

Many organizations are tapping into the benefits of generative AI to improve their customer services. Hardly anyone is a stranger to the new phenomenon of conversational service agents. Most organizations use them on their websites and apps. 

With these chatbots, you get 24/7 customer support. Whether you want to make an inquiry, troubleshoot an issue with your account, or report an inconvenience, these chatbots are always available. 

Generative AI is more than a passing fancy; it is a new reality in our world, as this year has shown us. If we approach it with intelligence rather than trepidation, we’ll realize there is so much we can do with it. It’s best to reorient our minds so as not to miss out on the wonderful benefits of generative AI.


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