Generation Startup: Everyone’s an Entrepreneur in the New Digital Age

By: | April 2nd, 2017

Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network event - NYC

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network event – NYC (Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Innovation is Now Global

IndustryTap has written about Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California, and the various attempts around the world to re-create the magic that has created so many great US-based companies. While places like Silicon Valley will continue to be crucibles of new ideas and technologies that will create new industries and large companies, the general trend worldwide is toward smaller companies with entrepreneurial talent and vision.

Key to creating entrepreneurial hotbeds is reducing the costs of startups and their discovery as well as providing digital tools and software needed by entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. Being a digital entrepreneur means finding, acquiring, and using new technologies in novel ways to create value and wealth. Digital innovations should continue to flow as they have been like an out-of-control fire hose over the past decade.

In the United States, there are some headwinds such as a lack of high internet speeds, a lack of STEM students (especially women), and the potential for massive unemployment due to the widespread adoption of automation,  robots, and artificial intelligence. There has been a move in the United States towards a Germany-like vocational training system that would have students forgo four years of liberal arts studies in favor of shorter technical skills courses preparing graduates for immediate employment.

There are many government and nongovernment agencies looking to connect global innovators and share important information and knowledge so that entrepreneurs everywhere have support. The Global Innovation Forum, for example, partners with the International Trade Administration to connect private sector stakeholders with its Startup Global Pilot Initiative to help startups participate more effectively in global markets.

The book “Digital Entrepreneurship and Global Innovation” from IGI Global discusses a number of topics:

  • The Benefits of New Online (Digital) Technologies on Business
  • Open Collaborative Innovation: Collaborative Processes and Innovation Networks Create Value
  • The Relationship between Entrepreneurial Competencies, Competitive Intelligence, and Innovative Performance
  • Intercloud: Delivering Innovative Cloud Services
  • Use of New Innovative Technologies in Business by All Age Groups
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Latin American Family Firms
  • Pitching and the Other International Practices of Innovation Competitions
  • A Neuromarketing Perspective on Measuring Marketing Influence at the Unconsciousness Level
  • Digital Entrepreneurial Charity and Solidarity for Social Change
  • Universities Fostering Business Development
  • E-Learning Solution for Enhancing Entrepreneurship Competencies in the Service Sector
  • Achieving Success in a Digital Entrepreneurship World
  • and more.

The following “Generation Startup” movie clip explains the stress of being an entrepreneur as well as the benefits:

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