Futuristic Hotel Designs From Self-Sustaining To Luxury Floating

By: | August 23rd, 2013

Water Discus Hotel

These days there are more types of hotels to choose from than pastries in an Italian pastry shop.

Categories include: Hip (popular with celebrities); underwater, themed boutique, romantic, casino, compact, eco-friendly (IndustryTap, Jul. 2013), child-friendly, high-tech, self-sustaining desert, beach-side, pop-up, social media obsessed, secluded sanctuary, luxury floating, survival pod, shipping container, rustic caveman, frozen, abstract industrial, experimental, fantasy, to name a few.

On a planet with over 7 billion people and a growing middle class there seems to be room for hotels that cater to almost any whim imaginable. While most of the following are futuristic designs, some rely on converting old or even ancient venues into modern luxury resorts.

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  • Pantai Lima Bali – Personal Beachfront Palaces
  • Holiday With Monks – The Augustine Hotel Prague
  • Monterey Bay Shores


  • Hilton Maldives
  • Dubai Hydropolis
  • Water Discus Hotel


  • Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel
  • Solar Winds Desert Hotel

Luxury Floating

  • Spitbank Fort England
  • MORPHotel


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