Free Guide to Selecting the Best Mist Collector for Eliminating Coolant Mist

By: | August 11th, 2016

Are you looking to select the right mist collector for eliminating coolant mist but don’t know where to begin?

ITA, Inc. is here to help thanks to the company’s new FREE eBook, Mist Collection: A Decisive Guide.

The guide takes you through 9 selection criteria that will help you determine the best mist collector for your needs, from examining the best technology to defining your application and costs to maintain the system.


In fact, the decisive guide will outline the following in regards to selecting the best mist collector for eliminating coolant mist:

  • Select best technology and type
  • System configurations
  • Installation option
  • Maintenance considerations
  • Warranty and system pricing

Interested in finding the best mist collector best suited for your industrial applications?

Download the FREE Mist Collection Guide Today:


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