Here are the Four Industries That Have Been Revolutionized By Mobile Technology

By: | December 25th, 2016 Commons

Recently, news emerged that mobile phone usage has surpassed internet access via desktops for the first time in history, sitting at 51.3% to 48.7%. This is a monumental statistic, especially when one considers that in 2009, less than a decade ago, the desktop reigned supreme at 99%. Furthermore, within a couple of years, the growth of mobile phone use is predicted to soar, leaving the humble computer behind.

Mobile technology has infiltrated every aspect of daily life and reinvented the way we communicate (with instant messaging, video calls and social networks), transformed the way we purchase (from online shopping to contactless payment apps), and forever altered the entertainment industry (goodbye video rental, hello streaming services).

In addition to changing daily habits, mobile technology has also revolutionised businesses across the globe, with a large number of industries adapting their practices and sales techniques.


During the last couple of years, technology has given rise to exciting developments in mobile healthcare technology – with one of the most popular being fitness watches. With the ability to monitor pulse, blood pressure and steps taken, this piece of kit can also provide breathing exercises for relaxation and alert wearers to periods of inactivity. But wearable healthcare is just the first step. Mobile technology is set to shape the future of the health industry, from a self-care perspective, as well as in the management and strategy of health care professionals.


It was not all that long ago that air travel involved carrying a large collection of documentation. Mobile technology has changed all of that, allowing passengers to check-in and access their virtual boarding passes through an app. Software has also changed the booking process, with apps for flights, accommodation and hospitality, and car hire. The process is still ongoing, with holiday makers embracing virtual reality technology as an innovative sales tool, offering customers a glimpse of their destination before purchase.


If one were to ask the average person how mobile technology has changed their daily life, finance would probably not be foremost on their list. However, mobile tech has allowed the general populace to keep tabs on their spending via mobile banking, home buyers to apply for a mortgage through an app, or investors and traders to instantly access the markets through brokers.


This is an industry that has seen an explosion in mobile technology, both in food outlets and in the home. Had a long, stressful day at work and have no desire to cook? Customers can order takeaway with a specified delivery time from their favourite app. Alternatively, one could take a detour from one’s commute to a fast food restaurant, where customers can order and pay through a tablet system. In fact, paying via phone has never been more appealing, as customers can use branded apps to gain discounts and rewards. This is a trend that is set to continue, as more companies in the industry adopt mobile technology.

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