Ford’s New Spotlight Technology Aims for Safer Driving on Dimly Lit Roads

By: | July 23rd, 2015

YouTube/Ford Europe

Ford is developing two new lighting technologies that could prevent accidents on dimly lit roads in the future.

The adaptive headlights essentially replace traditional fog lamps and utilize an infrared camera in the vehicle’s grille to spot something, and then direct the spotlights to the object in question.

This means that when a deer, a person walking their dog, or simply debris seemingly show up unexpectedly, the device will give drivers a little time to react.

In addition, the infrared display will show the heat signatures of people and large animals right on the display in your car, and is capable of tracking up to 8 objects at once.

The spotlight technology, which is in pre-development at the moment, will box potential risks in red or yellow based on how much of a danger they are to you.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Ford’s latest offering.

Marshall Smith

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