Fizzics is a Keurig-Like Machine For Beer… Perfect Pour Every Time

By: | May 16th, 2015

Fizzics is a brand new, Keurig-like machine that claims it pours the perfect head on draft beer, every time.

The best part about Fizzics is the fact that it utilizes your favorite bottled beer with a new method of pouring.

First, you open the lid of the machine, insert a beer, and drop the device’s tube into the bottle.

Next, you simply close the lid and pull the tap forward to begin pouring your beer.

Lastly, you push the lever backward for a dollop of perfect head on your favorite draft beer…from a bottle!

The device itself only needs four AA batteries for power and a beer and you’re ready to roll.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign below for more information and details about how to get your hands on the product.

Fizzics Indiegogo Link

Marshall Smith

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