The First Public Open-Air Hyperloop Test Just Took Place in the Nevada Desert

By: | May 15th, 2016

Hyperloop One

The future is here! Or should I say, our first 2-second glimpse into the future is here, as Hyperloop One recently conducted the first open-air Hyperloop test in the Nevada desert.

Based out of Los Angeles, Hyperloop One is one of many startup companies attempting to make Elon Musk’s dreams of a functional hyperloop come to fruition.

Many spectators, government officials, and investors watched as a 10-foot long sled essentially zoomed across a track for a second or two, before stopping in a cloud of sand.

But don’t tell Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar the first public open-air Hyperloop test was unimpressive.

“I think you have to understand that is a completely new propulsion system,” Pishevar said. “We’ll get 350 miles per hour as soon as we complete that [track]. This was to show everyone we’re actually building this. This is real.”

Michael Cooney

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