Fastest, Most Responsive Phototransistor Ever Made Inspired by Mammal Eyes

By: | November 24th, 2015

Whale Eye Phototransistor

Whale Eye Phototransistor (Image Courtesy

Electrical engineers and researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently demonstrated a new high-performance, flexible silicon phototransistor that significantly improves image capturing responsiveness, speed, and flexibility. A phototransistor is an advanced photodetector, and the new version is based on a single crystalline silicon nanomembrane.

Flexible Phototransistor

Flexible Phototransistor (Image Courtesy

According to a report published in the Wiley Online Library Advanced Optical Materials, the new technology achieves high-sensitivity photodetection as well as stable performance under light bending conditions, which is a first.

The new technology, inspired by the eyes of mammals, will help enhance images captured in low light conditions and outperform all similar products currently in the marketplace. In addition, the technology could transform the digital camera industry by allowing for quicker captures and videos with unprecedented quality and accuracy.

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