Extraction & Storage of CO2 May Be the Only Solution to Long Term Warming Trends

By: | May 4th, 2017


Coal MIne Carbon Capture (Image Courtesy Wikipedia https://goo.gl/images/YqWoVh)

Reverse Engineering Global Warming

The most talked about destinations for the geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) are deep saline aquifers, depleted and matured oil and gas reservoirs, and deep unmineable coal (and other) deposit locations. And a new and emerging idea for extracting CO2 from the atmosphere is to use a dehumidifier-like device that removes CO2 from the atmosphere instead of water. Once extracted, CO2 can be used to make plastics, synthetic fuels, carbonated beverages, and more.

Carbon Capture Pioneers

According to scientists at startup Global Thermostat (GT), the only way to save the planet from runaway greenhouse gas warming is to develop “carbon negative” solutions. Global Thermostat may not be the first group to tout carbon capture technology, but they may be the company that benefits the most.

GT’s new technology is disruptive as the company plans on building its carbon negative solutions wherever large amounts of CO2 are produced, such as at power plants, factories, coal mines, etc.

The following video from Forbes KPMG explains capturing carbon.

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