Extended Inert Gas Coverage During Titanium and Stainless Steel Welding

By: | September 24th, 2016

To avoid metallurgical defects, to remove oxidation and discolouration, and to save expensive cleaning costs on titanium and stainless steel tubes, pipes, and sheet metal welding, Argweld® Trailing Shields® are available.

Manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®, Trailing Shields® provide additional inert gas coverage during welding to avoid metallurgical defects, to prevent oxidation, and to give bright, oxide free, zero colour welds.

These reusable Trailing Shields® are suitable for any diameter of tube, pipe, tank or vessel from 1” upwards and for flat sheet metal. They are lightweight and simply attach to all standard manual or automatic TIG/GTAW and Plasma/PAW welding torches.

Luke Keane, Distributor Support for HFT® said: “Once they are connected to the welding torch, our Trailing Shields® are easily connected to the argon gas supply. The gas is diffused out evenly, without turbulence, through the multi-layers of stainless steel mesh built into the body of each shield. At each side, removable silicone rubber side shields provide a barrier to prevent the argon escaping sideways so that it remains over the weld metal. These silicon shields are consumable and are replaceable as they become worn.”

“From the beginning, the weld has extra argon to that amount coming through the gas cup. Then, as the welding torch is moved forward, the weld remains under an argon gas shield until the metal has cooled below its oxidation temperature.”

For manual welding, the welder finds that with this lightweight and low-cost tool, there is no difficulty in dragging it along the surface being welded. One further benefit is that it carries the welding torch at 90 degrees to the weld.

When Argweld® Weld Trailing Shields® are fitted to torches on automatic welding machines it is possible to raise the welding speed dramatically and enjoy the major benefits of automatic welding.

Each Trailing Shield® is delivered with a variable diameter connector so that it can fit any size of TIG/GTAW/PAW welding torch for manual or mechanised welding.

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