Exploring the Economics of Long-Haul Flights: Airbus A380 vs. Boeing 787 Dreamliner

By: | October 14th, 2016

Have you ever pondered the difference between big planes and small planes, for example, the Airbus A380 versus the Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

While the Dreamliner is capable of carrying around 300 passengers, the A380 can transport double or approximately 600 people.

YouTube channel Wendover Productions delved into the economics of long-haul flights in regards to big planes vs. small planes and how the philosophies of Airbus and Boeing differed when it came to designing the A380 and 787 Dreamliner respectively.

Airbus developed the A380 to support the main leg of popular long-haul flights knowing the demand would always be there. Boeing, however, developed the 787 Dreamliner as a more fuel efficient plane specifically designed to transport people from point A to point B, so it is built to carry out the entirety of a long-haul flight.

For what it’s worth, the 787 Dreamliner features a fuel efficiency of 102 miles-per-gallon per seat compared to 74mpg per seat for the A380.

Marshall Smith

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