EXO: World’s First Foldable Electronic Urban Skateboard

By: | August 16th, 2015

EXO: A Concept Foldable Skateboard

Skateboard innovation is hot, and the EXO concept foldable or compactable e-skateboard (electric), or “Exoskeleton,” is one of the latest in “urban design” skateboards. EXO was created by Fraser Leid from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Leid is an industrial designer with experience in product design and a background in engineering.

EXO is a reinterpretation of the mobile skateboard with an emphasis on incorporating a folding aesthetic and green technology, and sports a 150 W electric motor cooled by an air inlet turbine, bi-axial pedals, and a central fulcrum with batteries housed inside. A central button can be used for the folding function and pedals rotate inwards to allow easier and more compact folding. For stability, the wheels have been designed to allow for maximum leveling.

To operate this e-skateboard, the user has access to a pivot speed adjustment and an elevated steering adjustment. Leid’s project, complete with blueprint drawings like the one below, can be found on Behance.

Following are images of EXO:

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