Emotion Flow Fin Box Makes Surfing Easier, Faster

By: | May 10th, 2015

We met inventor L. Mike Kelley in “The Rebirth of Emotion Skateboard Wheels“. Kelley, proprietor of Emotion Surfboards in Malibu, California, is now promoting a new surfing technology he’s been working on for years, called the Emotion Flow Fin Box.

Computerized Fin Box Improves Lift to Drag Ratio

Kelley’s patent pending technology, which he calls a “hydraulics rubix cube” ┬áis designed on ultraconservative and innovative engineering principles. Kelley believes his decades of experience surfing, shaping and glassing surf boards and the use of injection mold tooling makes the Emotion Flow Fin Box something that will redefine the experience of surfing and wind surfing.

Fin System Readjusts the Pitch & Roll Plane of Control

Kelley has designed a computerized hydrolic analog fin (see video) to help surfers and wind surfers get an improved ride and better rhythm. Rails have been designed into the back of the surfboard so that when the nose of the surfboard is pushed up the movable fin at the bottom of the fin turns, giving the rider a 25% to 40% more efficient lift to drag ratio. An improved lift to drag ratio allows surfers to move significantly faster through the water.

L. Mike Kelley can be reached via his website: Emotion Sports. Investor inquiries welcome.

The following video shows Kelley explaining his Emotion Flow Fin Box.

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