Emerging Technologies in Distance Learning

By: | April 22nd, 2020

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The concept of distance learning is getting traction due to its great advantages over conventional educational methods. The term can be defined as a planned learning process that employs distance learning technology to reach students sitting in different parts of the world. This sort of education provides equal opportunities to learners, regardless of their geographical differences and territorial restrictions. However, it’s not an easy thing to make the virtual learning process straightforward for all students.

The advancement in technology brings innovation in the distance learning process. The era of distant learning started when we had just pamphlets and radio. Today, things have changed as we’ve got online textbooks, videoconferencing, audio conferencing, and more.

The use of different emerging technologies can be pretty useful in remote learning. In this article, you’ll learn about the tools that can simplify the entire process.


Scrible is one of the latest platforms that make the remote learning process a fun experience for all students. It’s not a very complex tool, but offers a variety of benefits to its users. Learners from different regions can have easy access to all of its features. It allows everyone to compare ideas, share notes, and most importantly cooperate with each other to achieve common goals. The platform allows to share resources and collectively plan different research projects. In this way, remote learners can feel a sense of togetherness that eventually helps them increase productivity.


Many of you must know about the usability of Dropbox. It is the leading online tool that can’t stay apart from e-learning technology. It helps you save educational stuff online and share it with anyone across the globe. You can create an account and start uploading your documents, assignments, files, and even eBooks. All these files can easily be shared with each other with an instant link-sharing feature. Dropbox allows creating universal folders to facilitate the uploading of files. In short, it can help you save and share stuff with anyone, anywhere. It’s one of those few tools that you can rely on for saving and sharing purposes.


All students need to create presentations. PowerPoint can be an outdated choice for today’s learners. The advanced educational requirements cannot be fulfilled with those basic apps. Likewise, assignment writing can be a tough job for those who don’t possess similar expertise. Thanks to professional writing services that can help students in getting their assignments done in a flawless way. Why not find out more about an expert writing platform. Prezi comes into play when a distant learner needs to create presentations in an outstanding way. It’s an intuitive technological tool powered to make presentations interesting and productive. It lets you create slides, use annotations, and make your words look powerful. You can produce smart structures using easy-to-use drag and drop features. The sizes of different images and annotations can also be adjusted in accordance with your visibility requirements.


A student can enjoy the miscellaneous advantages of distance learning only when he opts for the right tools. WeVideo is an emerging technological tool for students who want to make the most of their educational materials from the comfort of their homes. It ignites your power of creativity by providing an array of interesting features. WeVideo has made remote learning a fun experience for everyone. The application helps students engage themselves in deeper learning through creative video creation. It develops a sense of intimacy among different students coming together virtually to create a productive learning atmosphere.


Speek is definitely one of the most useful distance learning software programs available in today’s world of technological innovation. It mainly delivers the best conference calling experience to students locating in different regions. It allows you to have a group conversation, share productive ideas, and take your project ahead. A face to face discussion is always far better than group chatting via text messages. It removes all the ambiguities and help participants understand each other in a more elaborative manner. Speek brings a lot of productive features including, auto attendants, call recording, ring groups, custom greeting, call analytics, softphone, voicemail to email, and easy desktop integration.


Distance learning is a positive initiative taken by different universities and educational institutions. It helps students learn while staying at home. This system of education has made the acquisition of knowledge very simple for everyone. However, there could be some hindrances in the way of distance learning. The correct use of emerging technologies can help you escape all the potential problems that can come in the way of remote education. The aforesaid technologies have proven their worth for remote learners. You can also make your learning process hassle-free by using these.

Author’s Bio for Jeff Blaylock: Jeff is a writer and a remote learner. He has gained education remotely from some of the most credible online learning institutions. Blaylock wants to explain the wonders of distance learning to the world.


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