Elon Musk Took a Joyride With Richard Branson–and Vice Versa!

By: | July 14th, 2021

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

South African-born Elon Musk recently paid a $10 000 deposit to reserve a flight on one of Branson’s future space flights, and it is said that Branson is considering returning the favor!

It is rumored that Sir Richard Branson will be on the maiden space voyage of his first craft and subsequently have Musk for company. Branson himself confirmed the news during a recent press release.

It was a race between the two billionaires to see which one will be in space first, and Sir Branson won. As a result, he was the first entrepreneur to join one of his own space flights, and the world is eagerly anticipating Musk’s response by doing the same!

Virgin Galactic Went to Space This Week! 

Earlier this week, on the 11th of July, Branson took to the edge of space with his crew! Giving Richard the distinct advantage over Bezo’s Blue Origin space endeavors. Currently, Jeff Bezo’s owner of e-Commerce giant Amazon, is also said to also take to the skies in his first space flight scheduled for the 20th of July.

It is estimated that a seat will cost you $250 000 if you are part of the general public and want to participate in future Virgin Galactic space flights. Included in your packaged deal will be four minutes of floating in zero gravity–an activity previously only reserved for astronauts.

Interesting Facts About Virgin Galactic

This week the VMS Eve carried the VMS Unity to the outskirts of our hemisphere to the edge of what is deemed as space. The maiden voyage took Sir Branson and his crew 100 kilometers (62 miles) above sea level, just past the Kármán line.

It is said that Virgin Galactic wants to pave the way for 21st-century space travel and exploration by opening up possibilities for the average person on earth–and by doing so, wants to change the world for the better by enriching lives along the way!

The space flight will uplift you to 300 000 feet, and you will even be able to unbuckle your seat mid-flight to get the full space experience.


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