Edmiston is Transforming a Massive Supply Ship Into a 269-Foot-Long Yacht

By: | May 1st, 2016


The featured image above is a far cry from the VARD 1-08 Kilkea sitting in the shipyard in the image below.



That’s because the Kilkea has yet to undergo its multi-million dollar transformation from a supply ship to a $62 million dollar yacht.

Over time, that same ugly supply ship will be turned into a 269-foot-long yacht, capable of carrying 36 people on board at once.

But the yacht won’t be all about luxury. Yes, it comes with a helicopter and all that jazz, but it can peruse the sea for upwards of 30 days at a time when fully stocked.

Not to mention, engineers are working to make the vessel as eco-friendly as possible, with lower fuel consumption than most boats its size.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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