The Ecocapsule Mini Smart Home is Totally Independent, Powered By the Sun and Wind

By: | May 29th, 2015

Ecocapsule, which calls itself “the first truly independent micro-home,” is a new, mini smart home powered 100% by the sun and wind.

Hypothetically, you could live out of this 14x7x7-foot home every day of the year, in many different climates, all across the world. Now, I’m not saying you should… I’m saying technically, you could.

That’s a pretty neat prospect when it comes to a home this small, even if the idea sounds a bit scary.

If you drive an electric car, you’re in luck because the Ecocapsule’s 9700 Watt-hour battery will charge your vehicle right up for you, easy as pie.

Ecocapsule’s Features:

  • Membrane water filters that remove bacteria from rainwater before funneling it into the home’s water tank
  • Thermal insulation padded walls
  • Toilet, shower, bed, working and dining area, plus other amenities shown below

The Ecocapsule mini smart home will reportedly be available to the public later this year and is on display during the Pioneers Festival in Vienna today.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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